Abidia Wireless 3.0; mobile eBay auction Software now available for Palm OS platform

Abidia, the leading provider of mobile-phone and wireless handheld device solutions for online auctions, announced the availability of Abidia’s third-generation wireless application for eBay on the Palm OS(R) platform, enabling effortless real-time access to eBay accounts and listings for mobile devices worldwide. The next-generation technology features a convenient auction experience comparable to a personal computer on the eBay site, in performance, presentation, productivity, and convenience. Additionally, Abidia Wireless(TM) 3.0 offers a streamlined and improved interface, allowing instant access to eBay auction information.

Abidia Wireless 3.0 for Palm Powered(TM) devices with an Internet connection, builds upon the popular application from Abidia, providing mobile devices effortless real-time access to a users’ account and listings from the eBay site, as well as many international eBay sites. Abidia Wireless version 3.0 makes a convenient auction experience possible; users are allowed to view real-time information about items that have been won, lost, bought, and sold; view and add items to the watch list; view any items’ current bid price or image; or compare prices of other auctions. Abidia Wireless 3.0 makes it easy to carry item listings and visual images, as well as buyer and seller lists, in your pocket. Easy, on-the-go supervision of real-time auction status is a simple install away.

“Abidia Wireless is a convenient way to keep connected to eBay, wherever you are. The easy setup, simple interface, and powerful features combined with a Palm Powered device provide a top notch enhancement to eBay,” said Mike Burch, chief technical officer of Abidia. “Expanding the functionality of Palm Powered mobile devices and smartphones, Abidia Wireless 3.0 offers users instant, real-time access to constantly changing eBay auction data,” said Larry Berkin, director of developer marketing, PalmSource. “Auction buyers and sellers can now benefit from tracking their auctions while on-the-go.”


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