I m often asked by an individual whether or

I m often asked by an individual whether or not they should sell to international customers. My reply is always a vibrant, Yes! Why? Let me tell you a few reasons: First, if you sell your products to international customers, your market has just increased 15% or more. What do I mean? It s allowing more people to bid on your items. The more people you have bidding on your items, the more money you will make. Also, these bidders may not even win your items at the same time their bids are increasing the final bid amount. Is it a hassle to sell internationally? Let me ask you, Would you like to make more money? Of course so. Filling out international forms wether from the US Post office, FedEx or UPS is getting easier and easier. I typically use the USPS for all of my international mailing. We ve managed to widdle down the time it takes to package, attach customs forms, and meter because of all the volume we are doing. I rememer not long ago thinking what a pain it was to do all this work. Then we got better and better at it. Most of the countries that we ship to are (in order) Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia. The rest of our international market is scattered around the world but mostly in Europe. Rarely do we get international orders from South AMerica or Africa. If we do, we always check the feedback of the person who just made a puchase from us. Sell internationally. Increase your sales.


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